We promote economic community as a practical alternative to the philosophy of winner-take-all.  We support participatory models of economic development that incorporate people-centered rights, democracy, and multilateralism.  We are a network and platform for individuals and institutions to experiment with the ethics and choices of economic community.

Valuing and sharing ideas about economic community grows in urgency as our economy grows more globally complex and digitally opaque.  Our economic security requires new ethical intermediaries.  We support the interests of economic communities in alignment with rights groups, technical experts, and other contributors.  We join in hosting services and systems for authentic multi-stakeholder outcomes and practices.

We prioritize religious institutions and networks in reflecting on stories and solutions of economic community.  Neither national politics nor local protests are positioned for devotion to economic community in the steadfast way of religious faith and religious works.  Structures of economic community can be fostered as an agenda for economic justice and security, building on resources, people, and passion available in religious life.  Finally, we see individuals and communities of all faiths threatened by economic insecurity and we require practical answers to strengthen our common goods.