We promote economic community as a practical alternative to the philosophy of winner-take-all.  We support participatory economic models designed for people-centered control rights, democracy, and multilateralism.  We are a network for individuals and institutions to experiment with the ethics and choices of economic community.

The human need for economic community has grown in urgency as the economy has grown more global and opaque.  New forms of ethical intermediation must be organized to empower us in many of our economic actions and engagements.  In response, our campaign is forming partnerships for economic community in alignment with rights groups, technical experts, and other contributors.

We prioritize religious institutions and their networks for stories and solutions of economic community.  Religious partners understand the utility and value of economic community in historic ways.  Developing economic community also responds to religious agendas of human belonging and economic justice.  Moreover, all religious traditions can benefit from experiments in economic community that can foster interfaith models as common goods.