We promote economic community as a practical alternative to winner-take-all.  We believe in economic entities that are grounded in social participation, multilateralism and democracy.  We support institutions and individuals in creating their own independent models and ethics for economic community.

The urgency of economic community is proven everyday by people who are misled and exploited in the new economy.  In a world of opaque digital structures, people need good allies to coordinate new economic reasoning, rights and results.  Isolated communities are once more the most vulnerable to false promises of individualism, manipulation and abuse.  Our answer is to help people in regrouping and strengthening economic models that are governed by people together.

The urgency of economic community is proven also by a hardening orthodoxy that sees social groups and social protections as threats to economic value.  We look beyond markets and we look anywhere in the global economy for development resources and results.  We lift up economic community practices and policies that are hiding in plain sight.  We encourage experimentation in economic enfranchisement using new technology for development action and participation.  We organize resources and partnerships for economic community with rights groups, technical experts and other social contributors.