We promote economic community as a practical alternative to winner-take-all.  We support economic entities that are grounded in social participation, multilateralism and democracy.  We aid individuals and institutions in creating their own models and ethics of economic community.

The urgency of economic community is evident in the powerlessness of individuals to escape the overlords and profiteers of the new economy.  To survive, let alone thrive in this digital age, people need new allies to coordinate their economic reasoning, rights and results.  Communities that endure the worst poverty rates are again more vulnerable to exploitation, including by promoters of economic independence.  Our answer is to regroup and strengthen economic models that are governed by and for the people.

The urgency of economic community is evident also in the hardening orthodoxy that counts social sector organizations, social protections and social groups as problematic for economic mastery.  Our answer is to organize networks that share economic power with users and citizens and challenge high finance’s master error that ignores the economic impact of countless closely aligned social structures.  We facilitate disadvantaged populations in economic enfranchisement using new terms of individual and group participation and authority.  We examine experiments and evidence of economic community practices and policies that are hiding in plain sight.  We develop resources and partnerships for economic community with rights groups, technical experts and other social contributors.