Join our collective with others from a variety of fields that include religious communities and technical professions.  Participate in forming a practical network for economic democracy, ethics and enterprises.  Weave this mission into your work for the world.


The urgency of economic community is felt by anyone who has been misled and exploited economically.  In today’s opaque digital and global systems, people require new support structures in order to see and coordinate their economic rights, rationales and results.  Isolated and disenfranchised communities again are especially vulnerable to false promises and direct abuses.  Our answer is to help people join together and strengthen economic frameworks that they control and govern.

The urgency of economic community is felt also under an orthodoxy that counts social protections as trivial, or even as threats to economic value.  We disagree and we look at much more than markets for economic resources and results.  We endorse experiments led by people in all parts of society and anywhere in the world for ethical economic development.  What else do you think might count in economic participation and production?

Community enterprises governed by/with vulnerable people can manage economic issues and opportunities for powerful results.  Networked community members can find partners with expert talent and capital for managing resources and risks.  Community members can access information goods and services and seize authority as gatekeepers.  Open knowledge pools can lead to global communication and collaboration.


We are a platform for individuals and institutions to develop solutions and stories for economic community.

Our religious partners see economic community in social and humanitarian terms.  They emphasize agendas of human belonging and justice.  Religious traditions also seek interfaith solutions as common goods.

You are welcome to contribute to our work or develop your own plans and programs here.  Please learn more about our structures and strategies.

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